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TME European projects

The projects below are in progress or finished recently. For most of the projects more information about content and results is publicly available. The description of those projects contains a link to that extra information. If you have specific questions about project results or reports, you can submit them to TME.

Towards a Greener Retail Sector

This study describes and assesses the current environmental performance of 20 large retailers in Europe with regards to four areas: (i) promoting the purchase of green products, (ii) encouraging measures to effectively green supply chains, (iii) improving retailers’ own environmental performance, and (iv) better informing consumers.

Development of Environmental Policy in Serbia

Economic Assessment of the Serbian National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP)

Financing strategy rural water supply and sanitation in Armenia

Extend and Test Financing Strategy for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Armenia

Connection to piped water supply and sewerage is (almost) obvious in urban settlements, but it is not at all obvious in the rural context. Due to smaller scales of operation, systems will tend to be more expensive in rural areas. Financing will even be a larger problem than in urban areas. Institutions will be week and local budgets are very limited. Jointly with the International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC) and local consultants TME will extend the financing strategy methodology to rural water supply and sanitation in Armenia. The focus will be on institutional strenghtening of the rural Water and Sanitation Sector (WSS). Also a FEASIBLE tool for calculating costs for water supply and wastewater will be tested. The objective of the project is to make it possible to develop and implement a fully fledged financing strategy for rural WSS in Armenia.